Can You Help Your Child Make Bail if They Were Arrested?

9 January 2020
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As the parent or guardian of someone under 18, you want the best for your kid, knowing that sometimes young people do dumb things or make bad mistakes. If you recently received a phone call informing you your teen is jail or custody, you will, of course, want to move quickly to try and get them out of jail. But getting bail for a teen sometimes has additional considerations when compared to an adult. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are the parent or guardian of a child who is currently in handcuffs.

Contact a Bail Bond Agency to Inquire About Laws in Your State

Different states have their own rules and regulations for juvenile defendants. Some states offer bail with a very similar process to what adults go through, but some states don't offer bail for juveniles at all. It's even possible your child could be released to your custody without you having to pay anything if it's just a small offense. The police and your local bail bond agency will be able to clue you in as to your state's laws and bail process if applicable so you can make an informed decision.

Things Could Change If Your Child Is Charged as an Adult

If your child is not really a "kid" but a teenager who is getting close to the legal age of 18, it's possible they could be charged as an adult. Getting the case moved out of juvenile court and into a standard criminal court could also change the bail situation. Keep in mind though that if your child is being charged as an adult, it might be because they are accused of a more serious crime. This could cause the bail amount to be higher than normal. Again, talk to your attorney or the local bail bond agency if you need assistance making sense of the situation.

You May Be Responsible for Your Child's Court Appearances

If you are in a situation where you can pay bail and get your child released to you through the juvenile court system, you may be legally responsible for what happens next. In other words, you need to make sure your child keeps their court date or you could be in violation of the bail. That could lead to another arrest for your child and it might even lead to legal consequences for you.

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