3 Benefits Of Riding Motorcycles As A Group

24 February 2015
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Everyone knows the dangers of riding motorcycles, but millions of people still ride them each year. When motorcycle accidents happen, they can be devastating; however, you might be able to avoid getting into an accident if you choose to ride in a group. Here are three benefits you will experience if you limit your motorcycle riding adventures to group trips.

Easier To See

According to Nolo, many motorcycle accidents occur because drivers in cars do not see them because they are much smaller than average size cars. Driving in a group minimizes this risk because it is much easier to see a group of motorcycles than just one.

You may also feel safer simply because you are following other drivers, and this is a smart move to make for motorcyclists that do not have a lot of experience.

No Lane Splitting

Even though lane splitting is against the law in most states, motorcyclists still use this technique when they are stuck in traffic. Lane splitting occurs when a motorcyclist drives between cars during traffic jams. Driving in this manner can be extremely dangerous, even though traffic is moving slowly, but this is not something that would ever occur during a group ride.

Groups of motorcyclists also tend to travel at lower speeds, which is another reason it may be safer than riding alone.

Immediate Help

If your motorcycle suddenly experiences a problem and you must pull off the road, riding with a group of people will offer you numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Several of you can pull off the road together – When there are several motorcycles on the side of the road, people driving by might see you more, and this could help avoid an accident.
  • Someone might know how to fix it – If you are not skilled with making motorcycle repairs, you probably wouldn't know where to begin making the necessary repairs. Someone in your group might be skilled with this and may have the right tools to complete the job.
  • You can hitch a ride – If your bike will not start, you could push it to a nearby gas station or call a tow truck to haul it somewhere. Fortunately, because you are with a group of people, you will not be left stranded.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 88,000 motorcyclists were injured in 2013, and you may be able to avoid becoming part of that statistic simply by riding in a group. If you end up involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to sue the person that caused the accident, and you can hire a motorcycle accident attorney like Teresa P Williams PA for help.